Teradrive emails

Years ago, Nemesis dumped a hard disk from a Teradrive and a collection of email messages was found in deleted files. These emails seem to be discussions between the staff involved in selling the Teradrive.

Email #1

                    **** FACSIMILE TRANSMISSION *****

To: Mr. Pramote Chokesirikulchai - BEC 3
Cc: Mr. R.Shouno - CSO
    Mr. Y.Naritomi - SEGA
    Mr. M.Kabuta - SEGA
Fm: B.Oshita - SEGA

fax  :03-5461-8306
Date : January 14th, 1992.

Subject: Re: TERADRIVE

Attached please find the parts list with price in yen for TERADRIVE
Model 3.

For softwares, we offer 55 per cent of the list price regardless 
of quantity.

As you talked over telephone with Naritomi-san, we should go
flexible on a warranty periods and conditions although SEGA's are
set normally one year here in Japan.

We propose the following discount rate in accordance with volume;

0  -299 sets : 55 per cent (184,030)
300-499 sets : 53 per cent (177,338)
500+    sets : 49 per cent (163,954)
  note : one set includes CPU, Monitor, and Mouse.

Because we understand that this prices might make your business
difficult to some extent, we have to talk more.

Please feel free to ring me, or NaritomiĀ®san, up at any time you

Best Regards,
Bun Oshita.

Email #2

                    **** FACSIMILE TRANSMISSION *****

To: Mr Barry Jefrato
Cc: Mr T.Komai
    Mr Hayashi
    Mr Bitoh
    Mr Ohta
    Mr Y.Naritomi
    Mr T.Endoh
    Mr M.Kabuta
Fm: Bunsuke Oshita
Date: 19 July 1991

Dear Jefrato-san,

I talked with Komai-san, executive VP,that we will ship you two
NTSC Teradrives and approved on the following conditions.

1. Cost will 55% of Retail Price plus shipping/handling charge.
2. Should be paid by Yen.

I've heard you shall be here next week.
Unfortunately I am leaving for a business trip from Monday through
Wednesday, but Naritomi-san,the Directer of PC Dept will meet you
on 24th Wednesday.

Best Regards,
Bun Oshita.

Email #3

To:Mr Abtani
Fm:Mr T.Endo - Sega Enterprises
Cc:Mr K.Kanayana - Ado Electronic Industry
   Mr T.Komai - Sega Enterprises
   Mr Y.Naritomi - Sega Enterprises
   Mr B.Oshita - Sega Enterprises
   Mr Y.Kabuta - Sega Ebteroruses

Re:Ado Electronic

Dear Mr Abtani,

I am delighted to hear from ADO Electronic that you inquired 100
sets of SEGA TERADRIVE computer.

I am glad to inform you that ADO is out exclsive agent in the
Middle-East countries. So, you may contact ADO Directly. Details of
its adress is as follows:

Address: 246 Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101 Japan
Telex: 222-4754 ADOJ
Fax: (03)3251-9705
Phone: (03)3251-2630

Thank you,
Takaaki Endo.
Director, PC Department.

Ps. Mr Kanayama says that you have contacted someone in our company 
    and had no reply. Could you let me know more precisely?

Email #4

Note: only part of this message could be preserved.

st at the end of financial year.  SEGA
has been involved in litigation in the U.S.A. and currently settled
with a plaintiff to pay huge amount of money. Unfortunately, this
sudden exposure turned the  depreciation, which we expected in the
first place, into impossible.  As a result, we suffered a loss at
the previous transaction and be unable to maintain the price

Therefore we would like to offer you again as follows;

 Description  : TeraDrive Set, which consists of TeraDrive model 3, 
                CRT, Mouse
 Price        : FOB Japan set price 85,000.
 Premium      : We provide you 2 piece of software per set on free 
                up to 200 sets.  You can choose any software in our
                list provided lately.
 Payment      : Advanced Payment by T.T.
 Distribution : Exclusive     -Thailand
 Area           Non-Exclusive -Hongkong,Singapore,Taiwan,Malaysia

We are very sorry for troubles which we have given you and hope the
above new offer will be acceptable.

Best regards,

How were they recovered?

Wait, if the emails had been deleted then how did we get them?

When a file is deleted, what the operating system does is mark the file entry as unused and also free up the clusters it uses. However, it doesn't bother erasing the clusters themselves, because that's a waste of time. This means that the file contents still remain on disk, until new files eventually reclaim the space it uses (the more time passes, the more likely that this happens).

Well, it looks like the space these emails used up was not overwritten, hence why the emails could be "undeleted". It's also why the last email was only partially recovered: part of it had already been overwritten, and what we have here is what was still intact.