Frequently Asked Questions

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Mega Drive questions

How do I get started?

There isn't enough information in this site yet (sorry!) but meanwhile:

Can I use your code snippets in my game?

Do whatever you want with the code snippets in this site.

I'm making pixelart, what are the limitations?

This is an oversimplification (quirks!) but:

("oversimplification", yeah…)

Site questions

What's your privacy policy?

None. Nothing is collected unless explicitly mentioned ahead of time (no active tracking going on). There's the usual server logging (to catch network issues) but that's it.

Why the name Plutiedev?

Plutia (Iris Heart) is a goddess in the Neptunia series who's the personification of the Mega Drive. One of her nicknames is Plutie. This is a site mainly about Mega Drive development, ergo Plutiedev (Plutie development).

Who's iwis?

Iwis is a chibi Iris Heart (see above) and the mascot of Plutiedev. She slurs the L and R sounds and likes to boop everybody who gets close. She gets excited whenever anything Mega Drive shows up and she's also fond of hedgehogs. Make sure to treat her well and give her pets if you run into her.


How do you pronounce iwis?

Well, iwis is really meant to be "Iris", but she has trouble pronouncing the R sound so it comes out slurred.