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Happy 30th anniversary!

Published on 2018-oct-29

It's the 30th anniversary of the Mega Drive! Hurray! Sadly, I didn't really make anything interesting for this occasion (sorry), so instead have a dancing iwis (click/tap/whatever for an animated version):

Stillshot of iwis dancing (follow link for an animation).

History lesson

The Mega Drive launched on October 29th, 1988 in Japan… and let's just say it was a rocky launch (there were shortages caused by defective boards). You should read the article on trying to acquire a Mega Drive at launch (translation courtesy of Mega Drive Shock), it's pretty amusing. If you ever run into an early model 1 with a tiny extra board added to it, now you know why.

Then we know how it goes. It's released in North America in 1989 and Europe and Brazil in 1990, and Sonic comes out in 1991 and proves that it's possible to dethrone Nintendo from it's practical monopoly in the US (leading to such a rivalry that even today is remembered as the console war). Eventually support for the console faded out by the end of the decade.

The present

Fast forward to 2018, homebrew is having a momentum never seen before, almost as if a revival was imminent. Baby steps, everybody is making mistakes e.g. getting things done in time and not screwing up with manufacturing cartridges, but hopefully we're gonna get there. And now the Mega Sg has been announced (a FPGA-based clone that aims to be as accurate a possible), and Sega themselves are planning to release the Mega Drive Mini (a small console that play a bunch of the most popular games).

As for Plutiedev? Well, the idea is for this site both to help with homebrew and preserve information on Mega Drive development. Here's a list of ideas I have (albeit doing all this will take time!):

…oof, that's a lot.

Message from Iwis

pwease make wots of homebwew, i want to pway aww the games >w< >w<

(translation: "Please make lots of homebrew, I want to play all the games!")

Oh my goddess, a blog!

Published on 2018-aug-19, last updated 2018-aug-24

Decided to open this in order to keep track of homebrew news. Don't expect there to be a new blog entry whenever some new article goes up or the like. In particular, what prompted me to start this is that this month turned out to be packed and I didn't want this to get lost to time.

In the span of about a week we had three releases:

Two of those (Little Medusa and Tanglewood) are commercial cartridge releases. Tanglewood is probably the most well known one (thanks to its Kickstarter back then), and it also launched on the 29th anniversary of the US launch of the console (which for the record, was actually a coincidence, I'm not making this up).

Also this week came in the news of the release of Hardcore, a game from back in the day by DICE to be published by Psygnosis that was cancelled at last minute. The announced release is for PS4 and Vita, but hopefully somebody can manage to get it released on a Mega Drive cartridge?

Xeno Crisis should be coming in a few months, so 2018 is shaping nicely. More long term, Tänzer and Kung Fu UFO are on the way too. There's also Crypt of Dracula, probably a bunch more that I forgot. And I have the scoop that a brand new platformer may be coming too. Nice to see how the console is getting attention again about three decades after its launch.

*iwis boops you*

2018-08-23 edit: Ahaha, I had completely forgotten that Star J came out on August 1st (going by Star J's sale announcement tweet, anyway — note: tweet in Spanish). What's going on with this month.

2018-08-24 edit: Grammar fix.